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Great plan with airport transfer

From October 2023, Siem Reap Airport has been relocated to the suburbs. Since the only means of transportation is by car and time management is difficult, we have received many requests from our guests to arrange transportation to the airport after relaxing at the spa. Therefore, at Spakmale, we have prepared a plan that includes a private car transfer to the airport, where you can spend the last time of your trip after checking out of your hotel and before departure, refreshing your mind and body at the spa and immersing yourself in luxury. I’m here.

● Final day special package – 200mins $155+

○ Herbal steam sauna “Chupon” 20 minutes ○Herbal scrub 30 minutes ○Aroma oil massage 70 minutes ○Facial treatment 60 minutes ○Hair pack 20 minutes

We cover everything from beautiful skin, and beautiful hair, to fatigue recovery, and stress relief.

The Detox180 plan, which is very popular for detoxing from the inside and making your skin smooth with the power of herbs, comes with [coconut hair treatment], [car transfer from the spa to the airport], and [beer or detox soda]. This is a special package. Anyone can use it, whether you are traveling individually or in a group.

Note ①: Prices differ for 2 or more people. Please contact us for more information.

Note ②: Siem Reap Angkor International Airport opened on October 16, 2023. Please note that it takes 60-90 minutes to reach the airport by car.

Model case: Airplane departing at 20:55

13:30 Pick up

14:00-17:30 Treatment/preparation

17:30-19:00 Transfer to the airport by private taxi (Total approximately 250 minutes including check-in, changing clothes, etc.)