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● Special promotion ! (By end of May 2024)

* Free pickup & drop off service (Available only inside Siem Reap city)
* Free krukhmer's bath salt sets (Lemongrass and Pepermint)

No:1 Most loved

● Detox 180 – Indulge yourself for 3 hours

A luxury half-day program with Cambodian traditional herbal steam sauna “Chupong”, aroma body massage using warm oil, herbal scrub that is reputed to be moist and smooth, and facial.


No:2 Loved one

● One-day retreat – For a special day


Start with an herbal footbath in a quiet green garden. Cambodian traditional medicinal herbal steam sauna “Chupong”, aroma oil massage, herbal scrub, facial, hair treatment, and herbal lunch that can be made as a souvenir. This is a luxurious one-day plan that you can enjoy at Spa Khmer, which we want you to experience on the last day of your trip.


No:3 Best for 2 hours

● Detox120 -Popular 2 hours body care


It is a plan to thoroughly care for the body with a traditional Cambodian medicinal steam sauna “Chupong”, an aroma body massage using warm oil, and a herbal scrub that makes your skin smooth and soften.

Spa packages

Enjoy a relaxing and blissful time

Detox program and Retreat program which are most popular menu of Spa Khmer


All prices are subject 10% VAT

● Detox 90 -90mins $60+

This  course are includes a traditional herb sauna "Chupon" and oil massage.

(Total about 2 hours including check-in, changing clothes, etc.)

● Detox 120 - 120mins $75+

The combination of "Chupon" herbal steam sauna improves the beauty effect of scrub skin and the relaxing effect of massage. It is a package that allows you to fully enjoy the charm of Spa khmer.

(Total about  2.5 hours including check-in and changing clothes)

● Detox 180 -180mins $120+

○ Herbal steam sauna “Chupon” 20 minutes

○Herbal scrub 30 minutes

○Aroma oil massage 70 minutes

○Facial treatment 60 minutes


The treatment to cover beautiful skin, recover from fatigue and relieve the stress. It is a luxury menu that allows you to enjoy the ingenuity of Cambodia and the blessings of nature.


(Total about 3.5 hours including check-in and changing clothes)

● Final day special package - 200mins $155+

○ Herbal steam sauna “Chupon” 20 minutes

○Herbal scrub 30 minutes

○Aroma oil massage 70 minutes

○Facial treatment 60 minutes

○Hair pack 20 minutes


We cover everything from beautiful skin, beautiful hair, fatigue recovery, and stress relief.

Detox 180, which is very popular for using the power of herbs to detoxify your travel fatigue from the inside and make your skin smooth, comes with [coconut hair treatment], [car transfer from the spa to the airport], and [beer or detox soda]. This is a special package. Anyone can use it, whether you are traveling individually or in a group.


Note ①: Prices differ for 2 or more people. Please contact us for more information.

Note ②: Siem Reap Angkor International Airport opened from October 16, 2023. Please note that it takes 60-90 minutes to reach the airport by car.


Model case:

Airplane departing at 20:55

13:30 Pick up

14:00-17:30 Treatment/preparation

17:30-19:00 Transfer to the airport by private taxi


(Total approximately 250 minutes including check-in, changing clothes, etc.)


● One day retreat - 315mins $170+

○Herbal footbath 20 minutes

○Make original herbal bath salts 20 minutes

○ Herbal steam sauna “Chupon” 30 minutes

-Detox lunch 60 minutes -

○Herbal body scrub 30 minutes

○Aroma oil massage 70 minutes

- Tea time break - 

○Facial treatment 65 minutes

○Hair treatment 20 minutes


A full body course that includes chupon using medical herbs, oil massage, scrub, facial, and hair treatment. Enjoy a healthy lunch in the herb garden. Also, please enjoy desserts made with fruit and organic tea.

Recommended for those who want to spend a relaxing day in luxury.


(Total approximately 380 minutes including check-in, changing clothes, etc.)


Click here for the treatment menu from 60 minutes

● foot massage - 60mins $45+

After a footbath and scrub in the open garden, an oil massage from the waist to the toes will be performed In the villa.

● traditional khmer massage - 70mins $45+

Cambodian full body massage without oil. If you don't like oil massage, please choose this option.

● oil massage - 70mins $50+

Full body massage for relaxation using Customized aroma oilas selected according to the result of constitutional diagnosis.


● deep tissue massage - 70mins $50+

Full-body massage using a customized aroma oil selected according to the results of a physical constitution diagnosis for those who want strong massage that works on your muscles, please choose this.

● facial massage with khmer silk - 60mins $65+

After a thorough cleaning, your skin will be conditioned with a blissful massage and a mask using Cambodian silk and herbal extracts. moreover,  facial-centered treatment that includes décolletage, hands, and head.

● scrub massage - 60mins $50+

After working up a good sweat in the herbal steam sauna "Chupon", the whole body is scrubbed to remove dead skin cells.

● fresh fruits wrap $50+

After working up a good sweat in the herbal steam sauna "Chupon", massage for better blood circulation, and the whole body is packed to remove dead skin cells.

Optional treatments

Here is a short-time menu that can be added as an option, such as the popular coconut milk hair treatment.

● bath feet with fresh herb - 20mins $22+

Herbal leg scrub and massage with fresh herbs and a neck and shoulder massage in the spa garden.

● Head and shoulder - 20mins $22+

Focus on neck, shoulders, décolletage and head. Especially recommended for those who are tired around the shoulders.

● Herbal steam sauna "Chupong" - 20mins $22+

It is an optional menu of traditional herbal sauna Chupon. Can be added to menus that do not have Chupon.

● Coconut's hair pack -20mins $22+

hair treatment using coconut milk and oil, which are said to be good for hair.

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Garden tour

In a quiet tropical garden, you can experience making original products using herbs.

● Herbal bath tea making tour - 30mins $30+

Herb foot bath and scrub, then pack your favorite herbs to make herbal bath salts.

● Herbal soap making tour -30mins $30+

It is a tour to make herbal soap with herbal foot bath and scrub, and then stuffed with your favorite herbs.


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